Gallery with your photos 

 unusual colours

Here are gathered unusual coloured Bourkes, some of them beeing still unidentified.

The photos appear as I received them and are copyrighted, please don't use them without the owner's agreement.
lease contact me if you have any at home and want to publish them here.


click on each photo to enlarge it



Photo A. Coljon (Luxembourg)

Coljon Blue.jpg


Photo A.Campagne

Copie de opalbleu 036s2.jpg


Photo J.Seatter (New Zealand)

JS cin 1.jpg


Photos J.Gleish (Germany)

JGleish  A1.jpg

JGleish A2.jpg


Photo A. Coljon (Luxembourg)

YB Coljon B0015.jpg


Photo Rick Gooshouwer

Copie de P6139 cr.jpg


Photos Rick Gooshouwer (Netherlands)

YB GoNl zeegroen.jpg

YB GoNlpastopal.jpg

YB GoNlyelop1.jpg

YB GoNl15.jpg


Photos Goyens (Belgium)

YB Goyens 01.jpg

YB Goyens 02.jpg


Photos  Dominique Gilles (France)

YB gilles019.jpg

YB gilles026.jpg


Photos Wolfgang Manegold (Germany)




 Photo Hiroyuki Ito (Japon)



Photos Heinrich Matsheroth (Germany)

YB Mth3b.jpg

YB Mth14.jpg

YB Mth29.jpg

YB Mth 87.jpg

YB Mth 1005.jpg

YB Mth 5ls.jpg

YB  Mth16ls.jpg


 Photos Earnie Morrissey (USA)

YB Earnies1.jpg



Photos Boris Revardel  (France) 

YB RB 0893.jpg

YB RB 0897.jpg